Saturday, 18 April 2009


I have a secret I need to communicate over a distance. 
I wanted to go for a projection style animation with influences from the projections used in Minority Report where they become 3D and leave the screen, however sadly it is still only 2009 and someone is yet to invent that technology. 
I also used The White Stripes video for "Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground" (excellent direction from Gondry) as inspiration (see below). 

I took over the studio, set up my tripod and camera and set to work. By taking multiple photographs of the sequence I can then animate these later to create a stop animation piece. 
I decided to film these sequences in two layers so as to only focus on one aspect at a time.
Layer one:

I must have looked like a complete maniac trying to squeeze through those conveniently placed sliding barriers at the entrance to university with all those cardboard boxes. 
Strangely appropriate.

Layer Two:

I can now layer these over each other, to hopefully (fingers crossed) create my animation. 
When I give my presentation the animation will be projected onto the same wall, where I shall sit in the same place, to give the illusion of my thoughts taking place. Essentially there will be nothing there. So, can you guess the secret I was given?

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    and a friend of mine did a ministry of sound ident by projecting through a smoke machine.