Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Leaving things to the last minute

Woke up this morning and remembered that I still hadn't done anything for father's day. The whole concept seems quite strange to me, but I thought I should at least do something small for him as I know the guilt would set in when I see him later and his face drops when I don't produce anything.
What do dads like anyway? Probably the hardest people to shop for, I always seem to buy mine the wrong thing. I could go with the safe option and buy him some bike parts but I've gone and left it so late i've run out of time, and anyway - how do wheels and cogs signify that you love someone? Baffling. 

I remembered some portraits I saw on an excellent illustrator's blog who goes by the name of Tom Murphy, who recently designed posters for The Amersham. Really simple, but effective.
Here's my crack at my nan, I'l give my Dad promises of a family tree:

Monday, 22 June 2009

Sunday, 21 June 2009

What do you mean you don't drink coke?!

A relatively quick pen and ink illustration for Kid Cola, who is currently on the hunt for a new logo. Colour will come shortly...

Thursday, 18 June 2009

"I hate typography"

So year ones finally over, leaving us first years with plenty of time on our hands. Thought this would be a nice break, giving me an opportunity to repay all the shifts at work I managed to swindle myself out of during the weeks running up to my deadline, only to discover that my boss has gone out and hired a whole bunch of new foreigners. 

( (Card + pencil) / (ruler + scalpel) ) x excessive time wasting =

Will anyone bake me a helvetica cake like in that book please?

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

...skin continued

Continuing from the last post, images that didn't like being uploaded.
The blank facial structure, manipulated to show characteristics of unattractive faces:

The final book with infinite permutations:

Friday, 5 June 2009


Kidnapped my housemate and took photographs of her to use as a base for the three face shapes I will use. I used the same image, then manipulated the basic facial structure for continuity, editing out her features with some careful photoshopping. The result? A woman that looks like skin has grown over her face almost imitating some explicit horror film. Nice.

I then manipulated some "found" hi res images of peoples faces that I can categorize into my attractivity scale, morphing them onto the blank facial structures. These were printed separately so that everything becomes interchangeable. 

Too many pounds later in flexicards, I cut up the photographs in strips and sewed them together to make my book. Viewers can remove the strips as they please, first changing the basic structure of the face and jawline, then picking out which features they want by flicking through the tabs. 
This will be a social experiment to see which facial combinations viewers consider most attractive, and therefore whether we all hold the same levels/standards of attractiveness. 

Wednesday, 3 June 2009


We can all tell if someone's attractive or not, but is this scale programmed inside us from birth or does it develop over time? Is there such a thing as the "perfect face" and what exactly makes someone unattractive? 
My new project delves behind the psychology of these questions. Many things contribute: symmetry, the golden ratio, our cultural and social values and not forgetting our own personal taste.
For my final piece I am creating a large flip book containing images of different aspects of the face. Some beautiful, some considered unattractive to our society. The images will be cut into strips so different parts of the face can be altered. This will be a social experiment seeing how peoples perceptions of beauty differ. 
The following is a small prototype:
For my final piece it will be constructed from an assortment of A3 images and spiral bound to make it easier to flip.