Sunday, 20 December 2009

The big day

Apologies to all as I have been home for the past couple of days, and therefore too busy baking mince pies to keep this updated. Went ahead with the filming as scheduled, a grand total of three performances graced my lens. Here are some photos of my setup:

The microphone I used to connect to the video camcorder I was using. Omni directional mics were used on stage to enhance general sound, but this baby picked up everything beautifully. Top marks.

Sturdy panning tripod, lots of wires that got me very excited.

The stage, and MY aisle. Definitely invest in a wide angle lens if you are planning to attempt anything like this.

Ready to go! Checking sound levels.

A note to all: Remove the gaffa tape by itself, not still attached to the wires, or this bloody mess with occur. Guarantee.

All in all went very well, uploading the footage almost gave me and the IMI department a migraine, but thank god it's all done now. Edited out some stuff that wasn't needed, exported to quicktime, bit of compressing, burning, and hey presto. My very first professional DVD.

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