Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Harper Road

I've been terrible at updating this recently, so my sincere apologies. I've been hard at work with a group project for our second year show. There has been an empty estate left for us on Haprer Road to destroy; paint, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Our group has decided to hand out disposable cameras on the road to the residents. We want to see what they see, it will be a small insight to their lives and maybe piece together a puzzle of how the road's dynamics fit together.

The photographs are then being displayed in frames, now, due to the sheer number of photographs we have, it eliminates the prospect of buying them (we didn't have the odd hundred quid just floating around). So we've had to make them, here are photographs from our woodwork sessions:

First we drew out the template for the pieces of wood:

Then we cut them using a band saw (for speed and efficiency):

Next we painstakingly checked each piece was the right size and smoothed the edges:

Next we used a powerful sander at a 45 degree angle to form the corners:

Here are some of the finished pieces of wood (pre spraying obviously):

We then cut out pieces of cardboard for the back of the frames:

Finally we sprayed everything in a nice coat of matt black spray paint:

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