Friday, 27 November 2009


I've agreed to film a couple of school plays over christmas. I will be playing the filmmaker, sound technician, editor, designer and producer. Told my tutor at uni and after laughing at me for undertaking such an intense commitment he loaded me up with equipment.

Went into the school to check out the acoustics and general room proportions. They were rehearsing so I got my opportunity to check out the sound levels. I'm using a canon HV20 camcorder, tripod and a foam directional mic. A tip with the directional mic's are to prop them up at the front a couple of inches so they pick up the sound better. After I played around a bit with the positioning, the caretaker wandered down and introduced me to some wonderful omni directional drop down stage mic's. Sorted!

More to come when I've errr... done more.

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