Sunday, 29 November 2009

A nice day in the park

While I was at work the other day I had a minor brainwave to create a small installation for my new project. Made off with some huge cardboard boxes and after a very interesting journey on the bus planned my creation.

So, the general idea is to recreate this photo in 3D:
Several problems, one being that the original image is incredibly blurry. I have no idea who the man is, so can't ask him to repose for me. Slight technical difficulty there, so borrowed my old man:
Secondly, the bird is also blurry. Due to the deadline being in a couple of days I don't really have time to sit around outside and wait for an obliging pigeon to wait for his photograph to be taken, so I've cut corners and drawn one instead. I liked the idea of things coming out of the frame and only partially visible so I've just draw part of the bird to add a bit of mystery:
Painted one of the boxes with several coats of cheap white paint. It didn't cover the writing on them so resorted to white label stickers instead. Looking... awful. Decided to fold of the edges to create a frame, I can then put some acetate behind this to protect the inside.

The man in the photograph is a business man, so it seemed fitting to have the background made of newspaper clippings, here's my box so far:

Now i've just got to arrange everything inside, maybe add some hanging type and hey presto. My very own blue peter style box.

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