Saturday, 25 July 2009


Yesterday I went to an art show in Islington, I was promised vast arrays of materials and art supplies, but when I turned up it was filled with little old ladies ogling over bearded men doing watercolour demonstrations. Once I got over the sea of OAP's, I discovered a man doing sea-scapes in oils. Picked up several tips for my painting.
So today I started the mural that i've been commissioned to paint at Starbucks.
Here is the ugly white wall before I started:
Got set up with my pencils and drew out a rough sketch to work from before I started working in colour. I hate this bit, everything always looks terrible at the beginning, and I always feel a bit daunted when I have a large area to paint. So I put in the base colours with a large brush. Had a little panic when I discovered that i'd forgotten to buy black paint, but seemed to make do with dark blue for today.
I probably got as much paint on the floor as the walls, but for several hours work it seems to be looking okay so far.
My arms are aching. Updates tomorrow...

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