Tuesday, 12 May 2009

How to smash a skull

Set my alarm for 3am to put another layer on the pinata, forgot how hard it is getting up this early (unless you're awaiting an airplane fight, in which case it's all quite exciting and you probably never slept in the first place). I awoke this morning to find it all a little soggy, so dug out my hairdryer and did my best.Moment of truth, snipped the balloon. The papier mache layers I had spend hours building up deflated with the balloon. I could have cried,  but after a cup of coffee and several agitated  cigarettes later, I decided a better reaction would be to stuff it with more paper. Oh dear. My beautiful, crumply disaster. 
Drew a skull on it to fit in with my response. It's vacant eyes seemed to be staring up at me from it's soggy exterior, wondering why i'd spent so long making essentially a wrinkled ball of london papers.
Took the deformed head in anyway, my receiver seemed to have fun tearing it apart. 

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