Monday, 18 May 2009


What a horrible day. Rain AND gale force winds, that kind that make you entirely blind because your hair decides to blow in every direction possible. I struggled to find a good enough reason to leave my nice warm bed to subject myself to these harsh conditions. So I very cleverly decided to stay at home and do my project here instead [my other housemates were not so clever and came home shivering, leaving small puddles in their wake]. 

Anyway, so new brief: Man, Woman, Machine. I have been asked to create a sequential narrative embracing the three of these. My idea: to animate a robot who is unsure of it's gender. It will try out stereotypical traits of each, and eventually realize that it will never be more than a lump of metal and circuitry. Poor sod. 

Dug out my animation books I have received every year for christmas since I expressed my love for aardman. Tried my hand at making an amateur armateur out of wire. The skeleton for my robot. In pictures:
 I have a funny feeling it's head is going to be too heavy for the rest of it's body to support it. Hmm.
 Approximately 0.7 seconds after this photograph was taken it fell over. Oh Dear. Looks like a smaller model is in order. Cute though huh?
I've just run out of tobacco. Looks like i'm going to have to brave the weather after all...

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