Wednesday, 3 June 2009


We can all tell if someone's attractive or not, but is this scale programmed inside us from birth or does it develop over time? Is there such a thing as the "perfect face" and what exactly makes someone unattractive? 
My new project delves behind the psychology of these questions. Many things contribute: symmetry, the golden ratio, our cultural and social values and not forgetting our own personal taste.
For my final piece I am creating a large flip book containing images of different aspects of the face. Some beautiful, some considered unattractive to our society. The images will be cut into strips so different parts of the face can be altered. This will be a social experiment seeing how peoples perceptions of beauty differ. 
The following is a small prototype:
For my final piece it will be constructed from an assortment of A3 images and spiral bound to make it easier to flip. 

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