Friday, 5 June 2009


Kidnapped my housemate and took photographs of her to use as a base for the three face shapes I will use. I used the same image, then manipulated the basic facial structure for continuity, editing out her features with some careful photoshopping. The result? A woman that looks like skin has grown over her face almost imitating some explicit horror film. Nice.

I then manipulated some "found" hi res images of peoples faces that I can categorize into my attractivity scale, morphing them onto the blank facial structures. These were printed separately so that everything becomes interchangeable. 

Too many pounds later in flexicards, I cut up the photographs in strips and sewed them together to make my book. Viewers can remove the strips as they please, first changing the basic structure of the face and jawline, then picking out which features they want by flicking through the tabs. 
This will be a social experiment to see which facial combinations viewers consider most attractive, and therefore whether we all hold the same levels/standards of attractiveness. 

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